Are you a student that is excited to work on innovative solutions ensuring the sustainability of European values? Are you eager to broaden your horizon? Do you have a passion for strengthening European integration, increasing citizens’ welfare, and bringing European inclusiveness to the forefront of discussion? Then we invite you to register for the YUFE Academy! 

What is the YUFE Academy? 

Working on Europe YUFE Academy is a series of student-based, research-centred lectures jointly organised by  Maastricht University and Studio Europa Maastricht under the Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) alliance. Even though the program was developed with students in mind, you do not have to be a student to participate in the lectures, everyone is welcome to join! 

The upcoming lecture series aims to provide unique and interdisciplinary research on Europe and European integration. Fostered through a proactive and critical debate, students will be engaged in exploring the most relevant concerns of the European Project and discover their role in shaping its future. 

This year’s programme will feature five interconnected, two-hour sessions. The aim of the academy is to introduce students to the topics of European inequalities, citizens’ participation and heritage, executive federalism, migration, and welfare. Enrolled students will be able to attend all lectures or participate in individual lectures that are of interest to them.  

Why should you join? 

Why should you join? Our team of researchers will provide a student-centred lecture series delivered across the YUFE alliance, where students from diverse backgrounds and all study levels can obtain knowledge and develop an in-depth understanding of the topics on European integration. We offer an inclusive lecturing and working environment where students can develop professional competencies and pan-European, interdisciplinary networks of connection to tackle the European pressing concerns. Upon completion of the (full) Working on Europe YUFE Academy, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance. We are excited to welcome the next generation of young ambassadors who want to learn more about overcoming the current challenges and ensuring the sustainability of the admirable European integrational project! 

What are the sessions about? 

There will be 5 sessions given by different lecturers. The sessions will be comprised of two parts. The first part will include a lecture with a detailed presentation of the topic. In contrast, the second block will be dedicated to a student-based discussion, critical debate or hands-on learning experience, following the principles of Problem Based Learning. 

Session 1: The Great Lockdown and the Sustainability of the European Socioeconomic Project. Lecture given by: Dr. Ivan Rubinić (more info and sign-up here). 

Session 2: Citizen Participation in Co-constructing Narratives on European Heritage. Lecture given by: Dr. Nicole Basaraba (more info and sign-up here). 

Session 3: Executive Federalism and Politicisation in the European Union Before and During Covid-19. Lecture given by : Dr. Alvaro Oleart (more info and sign-up here). 

Session 4: Introduction to Immigration, Intra-EU Mobility, and the Welfare State. Lecture given by: Clare Fenwick (more info and sign-up here). 

Session 5: Wicked problems, origins, and governance approaches needed to move towards a sustainable society. Lecture given by: Dr. Robin van Kessel (more info and sign-up here). 

More information?

For more information, you can download the brochure below 👇 

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