With Biden being in the White House for a month now, are we already seeing an improvement in the relationship with the Americans? Or should we not expect too much?

Annette, together with Bernard Hammelburg, foreign commentator at BNR Nieuwsradio, and Han Dirk Hekking, General Reporter Europe for FD, examines the areas in which Europe and America will collaborate more in the coming years. Do we already observe collaboration? In addition, they discuss what remains more or less the same as it was under Trump.

They delve into the China policy of the US and the EU, the trade relationship, climate policy, and finally the policy towards Russia and NATO.

Furthermore, we will of course call our special Germany election observer Derk Marseille. What role does geopolitics play in the German election campaign?

Read, listen, and watch tips in this podcast:

Please note that this podcast is in Dutch.

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