Was it foolish to expect Europe to unite after the Iron Curtain fell? What kept the wounds from healing? Can one speak of a new East–West split? How has our understanding of the two halves of Europe, shaped by the Iron Curtain, changed in the past three decades?

Some seem to forever carry the East with them, while others substitute the colloquial ‘end of history’ with shallow concepts for political gain. Easterners are tired of the perpetual post-Communist stigma, while Westerners suggest the promised land wasn’t quite so promising in the first place. These and other matters concerning the post-Communist heritage are discussed in the recently published Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast where associate professor at Maastricht University Ferenc Laczó and Luka Lisjak Gabrijelčič take a seat at the table.

Listen to the Gagarin, Eurozine podcast here.

Gagarin, the Eurozine podcast is a series of conversations with authors and editors from throughout Europe and beyond. Eurozine’s 90+ partners are journals, magazines and associates from Belgium to Belarus, from Norway to Bulgaria, publishing literature and analyzing politics, reflecting on culture and bringing diverse voices to a joint conversation.

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