Corona turned everything upside down this year, including European politics. The Netherlands quarreled with Italy. Hungary with the rest of Europe. Corona exacerbated old conflicts but also broke Brussels taboos.

In the special end-of-year show of the podcast Café Europa, Annette van Soest and guests from Nieuwspoort look back on a historic European year. This podcast can also be viewed as a video.

In this live show, we discuss with Eveline Rethmeier and Stefan de Vries the social and political consequences of corona in various European countries.

With Arjan Noorlander and Liesje Schreinemacher, we look back on the tough budget negotiations. Will Dutch “stinginess” follow us for a long time? Or was the Dutch position indispensable to arrive at a joint corona fund?

Corona also affects other major European issues. What are the consequences for Europe’s green ambitions? We discuss this with Bas Eickhout. And pandemic or not: Brexit is still a headache for everyone. Lia van Bekhoven addresses the question of whether the EU and the UK will ever become friends again.

Please note that this podcast is in Dutch.

Collaboration with Haagsch College
The podcasts of Café Europa are powered by our partner Haagsch College. Haagsch College is an initiative of Freek Ewals (ex-BNR Nieuwsradio) and Vincent Rietbergen (ex-NOS). They produce meaningful theatre productions in cooperation with Rutger Bregman, Joris Luyendijk and Thomas Erdbrink. Additionally, they produce podcasts and livestreams on current events.

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