Why is there so little Europe-discussion during the Dutch election campaign? And what do the parties want with the EU?

In this election special, Annette will talk to Mathieu and parliamentary reporters Stephane Alonso (NRC) and Marleen de Rooy (NOS). They delve into the European positions of the parties. Which party wants to transfer more powers to European institutions? Who favors Eurobonds?

And like every episode, we briefly switch with Berlin, with Derk. How do the Germans see the Dutch elections? What role do European themes play in this German election year?

This episode can also be viewed via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkChds8eMr8

Please note that this podcast is in Dutch.

Collaboration with Haagsch College
The podcasts of Café Europa are powered by our partner Haagsch College. Haagsch College is an initiative of Freek Ewals (ex-BNR Nieuwsradio) and Vincent Rietbergen (ex-NOS). They produce meaningful theatre productions in cooperation with Rutger Bregman, Joris Luyendijk and Thomas Erdbrink. Additionally, they produce podcasts and livestreams on current events.

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