Working on Europe Paper Series

Contribute to the research of Europe!

The Working on Europe Paper Series is a joint project of the Maastricht Working on Europe (MWoE) research programme and the Centre for European Research in Maastricht (CERiM) at Maastricht University.

This series publishes new research on a wide range of topics in European affairs, stimulating theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary academic debate, as well as promoting dialogue with policymakers, stakeholders and citizens from Europe and beyond.

Who can submit a paper?

We invite scientific researchers from various disciplines to submit their work, such as, but not limited to, law, sociology, health sciences, politics and economics. We welcome submissions of work in progress from both scholars and practitioners. We encourage both senior and junior scholars, including PhD candidates, to submit papers arising from their research.


What is a working paper series?

Working papers can be seen as a pre-publication of scientific research. This means the work can be still in progress, under submission or in press elsewhere. By publishing working papers open access, we aim to provide a stage for scientific work that is not necessarily in its final stage, but that is worth taking note of for a wider audience.

Why publish in the Working on Europe Paper Series?

The common denominator of all papers is to create a deeper understanding of Europe and European issues. In terms of methodology, we welcome both qualitative and quantitative research. The goal of the Working Paper Series is to stimulate debate and function as a laboratory for studying European issues.

The advantages of publishing your working paper with us:

  • Benefit from comments by experts on European Studies;
  • It will be screened by the editors and double blind peer-reviewed;
  • Once accepted, your paper will be published in a few days;
  • It will be disseminated and promoted through our communication channels;
  • Open Access, it’s not behind a pay wall;
  • Your paper could have an impact after being promoted to relevant stakeholders.

I would like to contribute! How does it work?

Scientific researchers submit their work to the MWoE and CERiM editors via:, after which it is sent to two peer reviewers, scientists who have expertise in the field of the submitted paper. Their task is to read and evaluate the paper for its quality and indicate whether the paper fits within the Working on Europe Paper Series. After the required adjustments are made by the authors, the paper will be published on this website.

Requirements for submissions:

  • Papers need to be written in English at a publishable level;
  • They should be between 4.000 to 10.000 words in length, including notes and references;
  • Papers should follow the Working on Europe Paper Series Style Guide.


Mathieu Segers (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences / Studio Europa, Maastricht University) – Editor-in-Chief
Clara Weinhardt (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences / CERiM, Maastricht University) – Managing Editor
Neculai-Cristian Surubaru (Studio Europa, Maastricht University) – Managing Editor
Miriam Urlings (Studio Europa, Maastricht University) – Managing Editor


The editors welcome informal enquiries and paper submissions. Please contact us at:


Publication and copyright

Accepted papers will be published on this website, as well as announced and promoted through the various communication channels of the publishers. Authors will receive the PDF file of the published paper and are encouraged to disseminate their paper widely. If the paper, at a later stage, gets published in a scientific journal or book, it could be withdrawn from this website.

In terms of copyright, both the publishers and the author(s) will retain and share this right. The possibility to remove or archive previously published Working on Europe Papers from our website at a later stage in the view of journal publication will be made available upon request to the editors.