Research Calls

MWoE Young Researchers Network

The best way to build a community is from the inside out!

The MWoE research agenda on European integration, the EU and Europe encourages innovative and multi-disciplinary research collaborations and an increasingly connected Maastricht University research community. To strengthen this community we invite the promising assistant professors to take seat in our newly launched MWoE Young Researchers Network.

Target group: Assistant professors who obtained a Ph.D. degree within the last five years, with an appointment at one of the five participating UM faculties, for a minimum of two years at the moment of installment and proven experience within one of the four research themes of the MWoE research agenda. We are aiming for a team who believe that multi- and interdisciplinary collaborations in research can strengthen researchers individual agendas as well as benefit the research community at large. We are looking for experienced researchers and networkers who enjoy exploring new and out-of-the-box concepts in an inter-faculty team and believe that good communication and outreach within academia and beyond are an inherent part of being a successful researcher.

Ambition: Focused on our four research themes and together with other enthusiastic and ambitious young researchers from
other faculties and disciplines, your missions are:

  • To be an ambassador of the MWoE research agenda within your faculty;
  • To organise networking activities and/or events to bring together UM researchers from various disciplines and from across faculty boundaries;
  • To engage an active research community aiming to build innovative, multi- and interdisciplinary research collaborations;
  • To propose topics and ideas for the MWoE research agenda to the MWoE Academic Board;
  • To explore innovative approaches to effectively communicate the work done in our research community.

Funding: We will install two assistant professors per participating faculty. We offer seed funding to each researcher, providing him or her with an equivalent of 0,1fte dedicated time for their MWoE Young Researchers Network membership. The appointment is for four semesters (two years in total). A positive evaluation by the Academic Board of each semester is required for extension of your membership in the MWoE Young Researchers Network. You will work closely with the scientific core team and support staff of Studio Europa and will be guided in your activities by the Academic Board.

Call 6 is currently closed.

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