Research Calls

Policy Briefs

Target group: This funding applies to research conducted within one or more of the four defined research themes of the Maastricht, Working on Europe research agenda and researchers who wish to publish this research in the form of policy briefs for a clearly defined public and/or societal partner.

Results: Policy briefs and summaries are small reports tailored to the needs of policymakers, so as to inform them about available evidence on specific questions and issues. The material is presented in an accessible and user-friendly format. A minimum of one policy brief is the required output of each application produced within a period of three to nine months. Please note policy briefs should be between 2500 – 7500 words, excluding info graphics. The policy brief(s) produced will be part of the collective “policy briefs collection” of Studio Europa and the Maastricht, Working on Europe project.

Check out the MWoE Policy Briefs Collection here!

Outreach activities: Researchers contribute positively to the promotion of the overall Maastricht, Working on Europa initiative. Affinity or proven creativity in societal impact is seen as a plus for applications.

Funding: Call 4 aims to finance a minimum of ten and a maximum of twelve policy briefs applications per year. We offer a range of funding from €1,500 to €5,000, including overhead, per policy brief, depending on the length of the brief and time.

Funding is available on a rolling basis until the available budget is spent, meaning first come, first served (given sufficient quality). Please note that there will be peer review and funding is allocated once the final version of the policy brief had been accepted for publication.

The Academic Board decides on the provisional allocation of funds after the revision of each application. This decision will be communicated within one month after submission of the proposal. Subsequently, each researcher is expected to submit a draft of the final policy brief to the board for peer-reviewing – making sure to uphold all requirements presented in the ‘MWoE Working Paper Style Guide’. Finally, funding is allocated once the final version of the policy brief has been accepted for publication. More information on the MWoE Working Paper series style guide can be found on the document Terms and Conditions within the online application form.

In case you have questions during the preparation phase, please feel free to reach out to Studio Europa via


Open now, allocation of funds on a rolling basis.

Proposals and applications must be:

  1. innovative and of high academic quality;
  2. interdisciplinary and preferably interfaculty in nature;
  3. linked to at least one of the four main research themes defined;
  4. include acquisition of external funding (i.e., “a fly-wheel effect”);
  5. show a strong societal impact, outreach and/or citizen science component.
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