Research Calls

Preparing a large grant application or strategic consortia

Target group: This call invites proposals from a team of (at least) two researchers from (at least) two faculties with proven academic quality and interdisciplinary ambitions aiming to write a large grant application or establish a large-scale consortium positioned within and/or led from the Maastricht, Working on Europe research agenda. Researchers contribute positively to the promotion of the overall Maastricht, Working on Europe initiative. Affinity or proven creativity in societal impact is seen as a plus for applications.

Ambition: Form an interfaculty, interdisciplinary collaboration to jointly work on the preparation and submission of an interdisciplinary, large grant application at the scale of an NWO application or an international equivalent. Alternatively, the team of researchers can use this freed time to invest in the creation of large-scale long-term consortia, for example within NWO, H2020 or an equivalent international scheme.

Funding: The seed funding aims to relieve each member of the research team of teaching or administrative duties for a period of one month per project, with a maximum of four months per research team, and instead provide the researchers with dedicated research time. It is mandatory to allocate awarded funding in 2020/2021. Before submission of your application, coordination with your department head is necessary in view of the faculties educational planning.

In case you have questions during the preparation phase, please feel free to reach out to Studio Europa via



This call is open.

Proposals and applications must be:

  1. innovative and of high academic quality;
  2. interdisciplinary and preferably interfaculty in nature;
  3. linked to at least one of the four main research themes defined;
  4. include acquisition of external funding (i.e., “a fly-wheel effect”);
  5. show a strong societal impact, outreach and/or citizen science component.
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