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The Policy Briefs Collection is produced and funded by the Maastricht, Working on Europe (MWoE) programme as part of the MWoE strategic research agenda. The policy briefs have a clear link to at least one of the four research themes defined in the research agenda.

I would like to apply. How does it work?

Seed funding is available on a rolling basis until the available budget is spent on a first-come, first-served basis (given sufficient quality). Researchers who wish to publish their research in the form of policy briefs for a clearly defined public and/or societal partner can apply for funding via the MWoE research calls.

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What is a policy brief?

Policy briefs and summaries are small reports tailored to the needs of policymakers, as to inform them about available evidence on specific questions and issues. The MWoE Policy Briefs focus specifically on aspects related to European Integration and the European Union, and seek to promote dialogue with policymakers, stakeholders and citizens from Europe and beyond.

Published Policy briefs

  • Policy Brief No. 1/2020 – Gergana Noutcheva & Roberta N. Haar (2020) The Russian dilemma for NATO and the EU. How the “renewed” West should stand up for its values
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  • Policy Brief No. 2/2020 – Petar Petrov & Iulian Romanyshyn (2020)  Capability development in Europe: How can the EU defence push benefit the transatlantic partnership?
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  • Policy Brief No. 3/2020 –  Petar Petrov, Leonard Schuette, and Sophie Vanhoonacker (2020) The future of EU-NATO relations: doing less better
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  • Policy Brief No. 4 /2020 – Roberta N. Haar (2020) Why America should continue to lead NATO and why Europe should embrace U.S. leadership
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Mathieu Segers (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences / Studio Europa, Maastricht University) – Editor-in-Chief
Neculai-Cristian Surubaru (Studio Europa, Maastricht University) – Managing Editor
Hadeel Alnashawati (Studio Europa, Maastricht University) – Editorial Assistant


The editors welcome informal enquiries and policy briefs submissions.
Please contact us at: info@maastrichteurope.nl

Publication and copyright

Accepted policy briefs will be published on this website, as well as announced and promoted through the various communication channels of the publishers. Authors will receive the PDF file of the published paper and are encouraged to disseminate their paper widely.

In terms of copyright, both the publishers and the author(s) will retain and share this right. The possibility to remove or archive previously published policy briefs from our website, at a later stage, will be made available upon request to the editors.