Looking back to a successful lecture of Prof. Alan Irwin from Copenhagen Business School about science, citizenship and the public value of the university.

  • “How can we open up a more forward-looking discussion over the role of the universities?”
  • “How can we acknowledge and encourage experimentation and diversity?”
  • “How do we maintain the traditional values of the universities while embracing issues of citizenship and public values?”

These were leading questions during the lecture which was followed by an open discussion. Topics where universities have to deal with nowadays were examined, such as issues about the well-being of students and staff, tighter audit regimes and the dilemma between being conservative versus being open to changes. And what about students who pay very high tuition fees while not being sure that there are job opportunities in the field of their studies after completion? Which role should the university take in this?

Collaboration with Studium Generale
This lecture was organised in collaboration with Studium Generale. Studium Generale organises in-depth activities such as lectures, debates and talkshows, lecture series, film-, theatre, and poetry nights for students and other interested parties. Earlier that afternoon we organized the masterclass “Citizen participation in research” together for a group of researchers.

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