Crossover between organisations in Euregion Meuse-Rhine

Workplace Europe brings organisations in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine together for whom European and Euregional cooperation is important. It is the place to meet, share best practices, learn from each other, realise ideas and explore new, sustainable partnerships for a better Europe.

Third edition Workplace Europe

11 December 2020 09:00 – 13:00

The first and second edition of Workplace Europe attracted more than 150 participants from 70 organisations, who put more than 40 topics on the agenda and brought concrete initiatives to life. We are looking forward to expand the Workplace network with more Euregional partners. That is why we would like to welcome you on December 11, 2020 to the third edition of Workplace Europe!

Who can join Workplace Europe?

Workplace Europe brings people together from Europe-oriented organisations operating in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine and the MAHHL cities. This is where NGOs, associations, foundations, citizens’ initiatives, cultural organisations and think tanks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany join forces.

Are you a project manager, programme-maker, policy maker, researcher, director, representative of a governmental organisation or (volunteer) organisation? Then become part of this network and share your ideas, questions and experiences!

I have never experienced such an engaging and inclusive conference before. Thanks to Studio Europa Maastricht!

- Participant Workplace Europe (online edition) sept 2020


Topic: Euregion Meuse-Rhine after Corona

The main question of this edition is: How can we reinforce cross-border cooperation and solidarity in crisis times in the Euregion, supporting each other across the borders during the pandemic and beyond?

Living and working across the border in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine became in many ways more challenging because of the Corona pandemic. With the sudden closing of the borders, citizens of that region lost the freedom and mobility, essential for their daily lives. No more cycling trips across borders, shopping in Germany, family visits to Belgium or going to work in the Netherlands. The different approaches of countries in the EU and the importance of international – and especially Euregional –  cooperation became painfully clear. Workplace Europe allows people from the Euregion to virtually join forces and develop new projects that enhance cross-border cooperation and solidarity in times of crisis.

Topic: Active European Citizenship

The main question of this edition is:How can we get citizens more actively engaged in the Euregional society?

Europe is a daily reality for citizens of the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. That is why, in this edition of Workplace Europe, we are looking for collaborations, activities and projects – including social, cultural, economic, political, educational and sports topics – that actively get more citizens engaged in the Euregional society.

Europe is by no means a finished product, and it’s bristling with initiatives and new ideas to continue discovering what’s necessary, what could be improved and what could change.

On 6 December (2019), Studio Europa Maastricht brought together all the players for whom European and Euregional collaboration is important. Werkplaats Europa is the best place to meet and share best practices, to learn from each other and to find a common solution or collaboration which will make Europe a better place.