On Friday 20 August, Maastricht, Working on Europe (MWOE) was present at the infomarket of the INKOM to meet the new students that have chosen Maastricht as their new home for the coming years. The team of Studio Europa informed and chatted with the future students about the MWOE programme and the upcoming events.

Everyone was invited to express their interpretation of Europe in one word. Some referred to it in terms like Diversity, Freedom, No borders, Peace and Opportunity – others mentioned Brexit and Frustration. Surprisingly, many students from other continents showed a great interest in European politics too. European students but also students from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Morocco, South-Africa, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, India, Thailand and Australia all dropped by to get informed about the MWOE programme.

We wish everyone a great start of the academic year and hope to see many new faces at our upcoming events!

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