We are pleased to announce the reopening of the six research calls as part of the Maastricht, Working on Europe (MWoE) research agenda.

Click here for a direct overview on all conditions, deadlines and application guidelines and a full read of the research agenda.

With the MWoE research agenda led by Studio Europa Maastricht, Maastricht University heeds the urgent need to renew and expand UM’s research agenda on European integration, the EU and Europe more generally; and to do this through innovative multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research collaborations. In 2019, the MWoE research agenda financially supported over 70 researchers collaborating in 24 interdisciplinary research teams across faculties.

Six calls are open now!

The six calls opening as of 1 July offer funding opportunities in support of multidisciplinary research, larger grant applications, the publication of scholarly papers and policy briefs, the organisation of conferences and workshops and the establishment of strategic research consortia. Last but not least, MWoE launches a new call aiming to establish a Young Researchers Network.

  • Call 1: Encourage post-doctoral research
  • Call 2: Encourage large grant applications and strategic consortia
  • Call 3: Offer dedicated research time to early-career researchers
  • Call 4: Encourage translation of research findings into policy briefs
  • Call 5: Enable the organisation of scientific workshops and conferences
  • Call 6: Establish a ‘Young Researchers Network’ to co-create and stimulate the MWoE research community from the inside out

Please note that while call 2 to 6 are open to the Maastricht University research community, the five post-doctoral positions open in call 1, are open to talented internal and external early-career researchers who recently obtained a PhD degree and who have a proven interest in European affairs and a background in the field of Humanities, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, International and European Law, and Sciences or another relevant field.


All funding opportunities are tied to the MWoE research agenda focusing on four main topics:

  • Democracy, Politics, Security and Rule of Law
  • Identity, Heritage and Citizens’ Perspective
  • Prosperity, Welfare and Inequality
  • Knowledge, Technology and Digitalisation

We look forward to supporting UM researchers in their research, joining forces across faculties and disciplines, to further enhance Maastricht University’s position as the place for new and innovative European research.

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