“So far, the corona crisis didn’t lead to more European cooperation”, de Volkskrant recently headlined. Although European cooperation impacts our daily lives by tackling the corona crisis, it also seems further away than ever because of the current closed borders and tensions between European countries. And that is exactly what we will investigate in the coming period.

Hier in Europa”: the role of Europe in our daily lives
Studio Europa Maastricht launches a special collaboration with cartopological research practice Dear Hunter and media collective Are We Europe. From April to September, we will examine the role of Europe in daily life of citizens living in the Maastricht district of “Heer”, under the heading “Hier in Europa” (hier means Heer in local dialect as well as here in Dutch). Three themes are central:

  • Security in a borderless border region
  • Entrepreneurship and the labor market: (open) borders
  • Green deal: the consequences of the sustainable transition at local level

The research takes place in the context of the current developments due to the coronavirus, which does not care about national borders. What do we notice at a local level of European cooperation and what about the tensions that exist? How does the coronavirus affect residents and entrepreneurs in Heer?

From digital research to local meeting
We are getting in touch with the residents of Heer, Maastricht and the Euregion. First digitally in April and then on site in June. Marlies Vermeulen and Remy Kroese from Dear Hunter will live for a month in Heer. They will map out how residents and entrepreneurs do or do not experience European cooperation in their daily lives.

The stories of Hier in Europa
In June, journalists from Are We Europe will join Marlies and Remy in Heer for a week to record special local-European stories about the three themes. They will produce a rich collection of photos, videos and written stories, brought together in publications both online and offline in a local mini-exhibition.

In conversation
Studio Europa Maastricht stands for open, honest and above all critical conversation in Europe. That is why we will organize “bitterballen-debates”, together with local entrepreneurs in Heer. The informal debates will take place in September. Based on the research and publications from Dear Hunter and Are We Europe, we will discuss each theme during an event, with both European and local guest speakers. We invite the Heerenaren and other interested parties to join the conversation!

The periods mentioned are subject to developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak. We are closely following the authorities’ advice.

Do you want to participate?
We are currently starting digital research into the three themes, having conversations via e-mail, telephone or other digital channels with the residents of Heer and beyond. You are welcome to give your opinion on the themes mentioned above. Visit the special website for our project. If you have questions or contributions, feel free to send an email to info@hierineuropa.eu.

The aim of this project is to show that complex and abstract political themes are also found in examples of daily life and that it is possible to discuss them with everyone. In addition, the themes are also debated outside the Netherlands, which makes it even more interesting to understand them from a European point of view.

About “Hier in Europa” and the unique collaboration
“Hier in Europa” is an innovative collaboration of: 


Hier in Europa is co-financed by the EU Protects programme of the European Commission.


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