The first week of our local research, in the Maastricht district of Heer, was a week in which we received attention from national and regional (social) media. After 2 months of online research, we now  get to talk to the residents of Heer on the streets. They responded positively to the placement of the shipping container on the Raadhuisplein. For the coming three weeks, Marlies en Remy from Dear Hunter will be their new neighbours.

“Here” in Europe in De Limburger

Tuesday 9 June, journalist Merel Visscher of regional newspaper De Limburger visited the temporary home of Marlies Vermeulen and Remy Kroese from Dear Hunter. She also spoke to one of the initiators of ‘Hier’ in Europa, Annelies van Rijen, who works at Studio Europa Maastricht. You can read the entire article here.

Europamania newsletter of Het Financieele Dagblad

We also receive positive responses to this unique project from outside Limburg. We were mentioned in the weekly newsletter of Het Financieele Dagblad “Europamania”. A newsletter about the latest developments in Europe.

RTV-Maastricht dropped by

The film crew of RTV Maastricht came by on the first day of the placement of the shipping container. Watch the fragment here and discover what the tiny house looks like from the inside. Don’t miss out on Peer, the dog of Marlies and Remy!

The European think tank “Bruegel” visited Heer

Friday evening Giuseppe Procaro and David Labi visited Heer. They travel together across the continent to report on the “reopening” of Europe: what are the effects of the corona crisis and closed borders on the lives of Europeans?

Giuseppe works at Bruegel, a research institute in Brussels. He was tired of being stuck in his appartment, writing policy analyzes on the impact of the corona crisis. He then decided, together with David and Andri, to travel through Europe to record the stories about the closure and reopening of borders.

In Maastricht they talked to the ferry owner who connects Belgium to the Netherlands with his boat, or vice versa. Later that evening, they visited the shipping container in Heer and talked to the residents of Heer about their experiences of the past months and how they perceive the future. Here you can read and see more about the results of the meetings.

Mayor Penn-te Strake is visiting!

As a partner of Studio Europa Maastricht, the Municipality of Maastricht is committed to the project ‘Here’ in Europe. Mayor Penn-te Strake will visit Heer on Thursday afternoon, June 18, to talk to the local residents. In this project, we are  not only connecting the stories on European cooperation and its local impact, but also residents and administrators.

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