2020 European Cartoon Award

The European Cartoon Award was launched in 2019 by Studio Europa Maastricht and the European Press Prize to support top quality journalism. With hundreds of entries submitted from all over the continent and a prize fund of 10,000 EUR, it has positioned itself as one of the most important cartoon awards in Europe.

Censorship, threats and shutdowns. Those are just some of the challenges faced by cartoonists today. Yet the ability of cartoons to provoke, inspire and stimulate societal debate remains a vital component of top-quality journalism. Cartoonists hold up a mirror and challenge us to critically reflect on our values, mores and actions.

Delivering such a punch with a pencil requires a very special set of skills. With this award, we want to encourage and reward the bravery of those holding up the mirror to Europe.

In conversation with the founders and 2020 nominees

Filmed on location at Studio Maastricht

With this award we support cartoonists and applaud their bravery; it's a signal that we need to protect the freedom of expression. We're all very impressed by the quality of entries for this first edition.

Gonny Willems - Studio Europa Maastricht

Cartoonists can almost be seen as an endangered species. Their space is being limited, both in the news and in the topics they cover; they get paid less and less; get fired more and more and they get threatened. Not just far away, but in Europe as well.

Thomas van Neerbos - European Press Prize

The European Cartoon Award 2020 in numbers

More than 300 entries submitted
Cartoonists from 30 different European countries took part
16 cartoonists made the shortlist
A panel of 3 judges and 5 preparatory committee members formed by highly qualified journalists, cartoonists and editors
2 runners-up

Meet the nominees and their artistry…

Every work on the shortlist is outstanding

…but there can only be 1 winner:

We proudly present the winner and runners-up of the 2020 European Cartoon Award!

Click on the video to hear their story

The jury’s verdict on our winner Anne Derenne:

A clever, recognisable cartoon: everybody knows the game and the theme itself is highly universal and very important across all of the countries of the European Union. The cartoon is beautifully drawn and put together. It made a big impact in helping people form a different perspective on the debate. A bit of cleverness and humour goes a long way towards engaging people and helping them to understand what’s really going on.

The panel of judges

I’m very honoured and surprised, the nominated cartoons were all amazing.

Anne Derenne - winner European Cartoon Award 2020

The jury’s verdict on our runners-up:

Both cartoons by Joep Bertrams and Ruben Oppenheimer hit you with a particular idea and way of seeing things. They challenge your own perspective in relation to the subject of each cartoon. They are both very high-quality cartoons, very well drawn and both highly relevant to debates going on in 2019 when they were created.

The panel of judges

How can cartoons foster a debate on Europe?

Click on the video to watch the discussion

Because cartoons are visual, they create the opportunity to stimulate debate in the blink of an eye. But it's not enough. I hope cartoons also encourage people to read more about specific subjects to get the full story.

Anne Derenne - winner European Cartoon Award 2020

The closer things happen to your own life, the stronger you react with your drawing. A strong emotion, makes the cartoon better.

Joep Bertrams - runner-up European Cartoon Award 2020

Come and admire the cartoons of Europe in person!

We are delighted to present the complete 2020 shortlist of beautiful cartoons in a special exhibition traveling across Europe. We will inform you here on new dates and locations of the exhibition.

A very special thanks to

The cartoon preparatory committee:

Emanuele Del Rosso
Menekşe Çam
Vladimir Kazanevsky
Gatis Šļūka
Thierry Vissol

The panel of judges:

Janet Anderson
Ramsés Morales Izquierdo
Simone Berghuys

See you all next year at the European Cartoon Award 2021!

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