Anke Truijen and Mathieu Segers go through the European year in this special live show of Café Europa from Nieuwspoort. Together with guests Stefan de Vries (France), Margriet Brandsma (Germany), Eveline Rethmeier (Italy) and Jenne Jan Holtland (Eastern Europe) they discuss how the EU is doing at the end of 2019.

Please note that this podcast is in Dutch.

Collaboration with Haagsch College
The podcasts of Café Europa are powered by our partner Haagsch college. Haagsch College is an initiative of HC productions, founded by Vincent Rietbergen and Freek Ewals. For anyone who needs some context in the daily news flow but doesn’t have time for long courses or solid textbooks. And for those who realize that a broad general knowledge adds value, both in business and private life.

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