The research of Europe

We are a leading Centre of Excellence for multi-disciplinary Europe-focused research with societal impact.

The stories of Europe

We stimulate active, critical debate with citizen engagement at its core and capture and share the stories of Europe.

The heritage of Europe

The Maastricht Treaty is the proud holder of the European Heritage Label and we bring its history to life.

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Café Europa: our EU podcast with Haagsch College

Listen to more Café Europa (in Dutch) ​here.

The research of Europe: Charta 2020

Charta 2020 is a vision for a democratic and egalitarian European Union and a demand to recognize 20 European public goods that would get us there.

The stories of Europe:
Dress to Protest

The collaboration with FASHIONCLASH in 2019 has been the start to inspire and connect trans-European young people to us.

The stories of Europe: European Cartoon Award

The European Press Prize and Studio Europa Maastricht launched the European Cartoon Award.

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